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Online Courses and Study Groups

Currently, I co-ordinate two study groups in a year: one in June and other in December. Due to COVID-19, the groups are conducted online. The aim is to gather a small bunch of aspiring tax professionals to discuss issues relating to tax law and policy.






















Theme: Constitution and Tax


STATUS: The course is closed. It will next open for registration in May 2022.






Theme: Core Concepts of GST


STATUS: Aim and Design of the Study Group for December 2021 will be updated on 1 November 2021.




Conducted over a period of 4 weeks with 1 session each week. Each session is approximately 2.5-3 hours long. The aim is to introduce law students and/or early career legal professionals to GST. The core concepts of GST are discussed with the help of case laws, provisions, and India’s consumption tax policy regime.


Nature of Sessions:


All sessions are live, there are no recordings. Since students tend to be from varied backgrounds, we have adopted the policy of no recordings to ensure frank conversations.


If you miss a session, you can refer to the study material, but no recordings will be available.


Time Period: Four consecutive Saturdays beginning from December 2021.




Registration Opens: 7 November 2021

Registration Closes: 15 November 202


How to Apply:


Submit two documents:


  • CV (not exceeding 2 pages)

  • Statement of Interest (not exceeding 500 words)


We only respond to successful candidates. If you do not receive an email confirming your acceptance by 25 November 2021 you can presume that you were not successful.


Criteria for Selection:


  • Demonstrable Interest in taxation law

  • GPA/Marks in Graduate Course


Please note we do not provide reasons for not accepting candidates. We cannot get in touch with every applicant due to large numbers. We only inform successful candidates.


Can You Reapply?


Yes. Irrespective of whether you were successful or unsuccessful previously.



Batch/Group Strength: 12-15 students



Fee: Rs 11,000/- [Eleven Thousand Rupees]


Refund Policy:


While the conduct of study groups and online classes is not a purely commercial enterprise, we don’t issue refunds. Please think beforehand before committing to the course.


Is a Certificate Issued?


Students can choose to receive a certificate.


Students who do not wish to receive a certificate do not have any course obligation after the 4th session.


Students who choose to receive a certificate can appear for an evaluation at the end of 4 sessions.


Students can exercise their choice until the 4th session is complete. They need not decide before joining the study group.


Mode of Evaluation:


Students must appear for an online viva and a written test. The latter is a take home assignment and the former, of course, is conducted live. Each component is worth 50 marks.


Students must score minimum of 25 in each component and atleast 60 cumulatively to pass the course.


Students who successfully complete the evaluation receive a certificate stating their score and remarks about their performance.


Certificates are issued under the name of Tax Research Initiative, an independent collective of tax researchers.



Timing and Mode of Evaluation:


The evaluations are conducted in the 5th week, i.e., immediately after the 4 sessions are concluded.


Vivas are conducted on weekends. Take home assignments generally have a duration of 48 hours.