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In the past, I've been engaged by Union Ministries, PSUs, and Constitutional bodies as a legal and tax policy expert. This was primarily in my capacity as part of a legal think tank and subsequently as an independent consultant. 

As an individual legal consultant, I've provided legal services to Italian and South African companies aiming to establish their presence in India. The consultancy involved advice on India's corporate tax laws and digital tax policies.

I've also been hired by real estate companies for structuring their agreements with landowners and have provided consultancy on matters relating to benami law, wills and estate planning including but not limited to formation and operation of trusts.

I can be reached at: ravsingh[DOT]law[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Twitter: @ravprataps


GST Advisory

Anticipating Digital Taxation Liabilities

Tax Policy Advisory

Estate Planning / Succession / Wills

Real Estate Law Advisory

  10 Years of Accumulated Practice

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As a solo practitioner, I understand the importance of establishing personal relationship with my clients. Creating and nurturing such personal relationships require a tax attorney’s undivided attention and an intimate understanding of the individual client’s unique needs.

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